David Attenborough at 90 - What an inspiration

David Attenborough at 90 - What An Inspiration

Hannah Champion

Hannah Champion

06 May 2016

This weekend, the national treasure, Sir David Attenborough, turns 90 years old!

This weekend, the national treasure, Sir David Attenborough, turns 90 years old!

With his enthusiasm for all things ‘natural world’ we wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate his successful career that has spanned decades and has covered all corners of the globe. His passion for even the smallest creatures and, of course, his comforting voice, have brought thousands to appreciate the weird and wonderful species that inhabit this earth. David Attenborough enjoys experiencing the breadth of biodiversity on our planet and the intellectual stimulation this brings. He helps bring this biodiversity to the fore so we can understand the need to protect our environments and the wildlife that inhabits them.

Interacting with baby gorillas - Gorillas Revisited (2007, BBC4)

The adorable footage of Attenborough frolicking with baby mountain gorillas in the forests of Rwanda is sure to melt even the coldest of hearts. Seeing these fluffy-haired primates using their opposable thumbs and clambering all over Sir David Attenborough really makes you realise how similar gorillas are to humans. Using sustainable tourism to visit these creatures in the wild is the only way to encounter mountain gorillas and also helps to give back to gorilla conservation.

Mountain gorillas, Rwanda

Encountering birds of paradise -     Life on Earth (1979, BBC2)

Seeing and hearing Attenborough commentate the flamboyant courtship rituals of birds of paradise is not to be missed. From colourful plumage with fascinating textures to interesting characteristics and calls, birds of paradise really do like to show off! Attenborough is known to thoroughly enjoy observing these birding ceremonies and with the huge array of birdlife worldwide this is a pastime that can be enjoyed by everyone. This quetzal can be seen in the rainforests of Costa Rica - a bird watchers's paradise!

Resplendent quetzal, Costa Rica

Sardine run in South Africa - The Blue Planet (2014, BBC2)

The epic migration of thousands of sardine off the coast of South Africa is one of the world’s most incredible wildlife occurrences. Attenborough’s team’s footage for The Blue Planet combines film from both above and below the water portraying the plight of the sardine as they are hunted by a number of marine predators such as dolphins, whales and sharks as well as birds from above the surface! Travel to South Africa during July to witness this great event for yourself.

Tracking in Tswalu, South Africa

Seeing Adelie penguins go for their first swim – Life in the Freezer (2009, BBC2)

Penguins are a firm favourite of many wildlife enthusiasts so seeing Attenborough head to see the most southerly penguin colony – the Adelie penguins of Cape Royds – had everyone watching. The Life in the Freezer footage showed hundreds of young penguins running the gauntlet that is required of them in order to survive. Watching them flapping their wings and waddling across the rocks and snow in Antarctica is an entertaining, charming spectacle.

Adelie penguin, Antarctica

First time footage of a snow leopard hunt – Planet Earth (2006, BBC1)

Thanks to modernising technology, David Attenborough and his team were able to venture into the Himalayas and film a snow leopard hunting for the first time in High Definition. Planet Earth was the most expensive nature documentary commissioned by the BBC at the time but this accomplishment surpassed expectations and gave worldwide audiences an insight into this remote region. Although seeing snow leopards in the wild is rare, with a good telescope and expert guide you could feel like Attenborough himself on our Quest for the Snow Leopard safari!

Snow leopard, India

Sir David Attenborough has inspired generations with his informative documentaries, soothing tone and epic team of videographers. He’s the honorary grandfather everyone wishes to have! 

Happy birthday sir attenborough!!!

Tell us about your favourite David Attenborough moments below!



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What an inspiration.

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