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Experiential Christmas Gifts

Hannah Champion

Hannah Champion

07 Dec 2016

Treat your loved ones to experiences rather than things

With Christmas being less than three weeks away you should, by now, have some ideas about what you are going to buy your friends and loved ones to celebrate this festive period of giving. The shops surround us with deals, gadgets and hampers that appear to make our lives easier and can be a quick fix when you’re doing some last minute shopping. However, according to Forbes magazine “recent research from San Francisco State University found that people who spent money on experiences rather than material items were happier and felt the money was better spent.”

Hot air balloon safari, Kenya

Whether it’s a day out, a weekend away or something as exciting as a family safari, trips can provide us with experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. That new smartphone that seems essential right now will be outdated in 12 months’ time, but the memories and photographs of seeing an elephant in the wild or experiencing the Northern Lights in the high Arctic with stay with you forever.

South Africa
Northern Lights, Canada

This year’s Christmas sitting round the fire watching classic TV could be exchanged next year for game drives in Kenya, exploring Sri Lanka’s cultural highlights or even ziplining through the jungles of Costa Rica!

Zip lining, Costa Rica

Travel provides so many aspects that can help enhance our daily lives, from learning about wildlife conservation through discussions with rangers and guides to discovering local traditions and customs. Travel also gives us the opportunity to try new foods, make new friends worldwide and partake in activities that would be otherwise impossible at home.

Not only will you benefit from the happiness of giving, you may even get the chance to tick something off your own bucket list too! It’s never too late to book that experience of a lifetime, just get in touch with our Destination Specialists and we can tailor the perfect safari to suit your needs.

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