Botswana & Zambia Waterfalls, Deserts & Deltas

Allison Small

09 May 2013


A quick review of a Botswana & Zambia Safari

We thought Waterberry lodge was a perfect place to stay, idyllic location on the water’s edge within sight of elephants on the other bank, and hippos and crocs in the water. The sunset cruise and trip to the village were absolutely lovely, but best of all was the Victoria Falls where we opted to go on a helicopter flight which was well worth it. You get a true idea of the spectacle from above.

The service at Waterberry was excellent and the food uniformly good.

Next we went to Tau Pan in the Kalahari Desert. A sparse scrub land but beautiful scenery and you are literally the only people there! Excellent location with beautiful views overlooking a watering hole where there was always something to watch including during out time lions and cheetah – see photos of lions drinking with the camp behind! Not huge quantities of game due to the dryness but we saw some great sights including 2 lots of lions, 2 separate cheetahs and a leopard with its kill.

The camp was very comfortable, very calm and the food and service were great.

We stayed at Duba Plains for 2 nights but would have loved to have stayed more. Very colonial type camp in the Okavango Delta, very beautiful with water lapping in front of you and hippo and elephant action outside your tents at night! We had a great encounter with a pride of lions within a mile of the camp, with the cubs frolicking and suckling, lionesses greeting each other and then a bit of a spat between the male and one of the females which resulted in lots of roaring.

A fantastic open sighting of a leopard eating its kill who were able to watch for some time. Herds of elephants and many other grazing animals which were beautiful. Great sightings of Hippos and lots of bellowing and huffing and puffing from them.

A different encounter with lions who were watching and waiting by a Buffalo herd to start a hunt – your chance of seeing lions here are very high and they hunt during the day so it is the place to go to see lions – as shown by our sightings in just 48 hours

Food here was a cut above the rest with an excellent chef, quality & variety which would have been difficult to beat!


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