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Gail Davis

13 Aug 2015

Camping in the Moremi Reserve and Khwai Community Reserve

We spent 6 nights in mobile camps, first in the Moremi Reserve then at the Khwai Community Reserve.  While nowhere near as luxurious as fixed camps tend to be, these were very comfortable.  The food was amazing; fresh baked bread, a cake for tea every day and meals that were well prepared and incredibly tasty.   One of the best parts of the experience was not having any barriers (other than a canvas wall) between you and the wildlife.  Looking up while taking a shower and seeing an elephant’s head drift by the back of the tent or having a wild dog chase an impala through the middle of the camp one morning are the types of experiences that cannot be duplicated.

Botswana Moremi Camp Review
Botswana Moremi Camp Review

The two areas were very different in landscape and wildlife.  We saw almost no elephants in Moremi and at Khwai they were part of camp life, joining us for breakfast and afternoon tea.   Moremi was more open and the game viewing more panoramic, large open areas with mixes of antelopes, giraffes and zebras sharing the space and responsibilities for watching out for predators.  Khwai had denser vegetation and areas that looked like scenes from a sci-fi movie of the apocalypse because the elephants had eaten the bark off the trees and the trees looked like twisted ruins.   Both areas abounded with wildlife; prides of lions and a pack of wild dogs in Khwai.  In Moremi a cheetah was chased off by a group of wildebeest, a large herd of Cape buffalo wandering by the river.

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