Sushi, Arctic Canada

The Art of Arctic Cuisine

Rachel Nonoo

Rachel Nonoo

18 Aug 2016

Fancy Dining in one of the most Remote Regions on Earth

There really is an art to preparing food on the edge of the Arctic ice floe. A three hour qamutik (kam-oo-tik) ride from the nearest town, the logistics of getting the food there in the first place aren’t easy – then the cooking itself, well I would have thought that there was only so much that was possible in such a remote area.

Having spent two days getting from Brighton (south England) to the Arctic floe edge (on the sea ice near Baffin and Bylot Islands), I was ready to move on from plane food.

Our chef for the week was Phil with the help of Katie, who was actually successfully growing rocket in Arctic conditions. These two people managed to keep the five of us hungry travellers, as well as the guides and expedition leaders, full for the week with sumptuous dinners, from a Mexican style feast to a three course steak dinner. Lunches were served out on the edge of the floe, or wherever we happened to be, and were always a delicious surprise.

Thai Curry, Arctic Canada

I really cannot explain what it is like to eat Arctic char sushi after it has been freshly plucked from the ocean straight from the ice, or to dine on authentic and warming Thai cuisine under thousands of birds at the bird cliffs. You really are in one of the most remote regions on the face of the planet, and it is a privilege and true pleasure to dine on such sumptuous cuisine out in the wild Arctic conditions.

You need to experience this for yourself, get out the the Arctic next year!

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