A Whirlwind Week on the Falklands

Mone Petsod

23 Jan 2020

Peace at the end of the earth

The Falkland Islands – so remote, so isolated, so overlooked and oh so peaceful. The Falklanders want to keep it that way, which is all the more reason for me to find my way to this land, one that is so difficult to reach it might have been at the end of the earth.

Gentoo, Rockhopper, Magellanic, Macaroni and King Penguins – where else can you find five different species of penguins at the same location? Where else can you find yourself alone on the most beautiful beaches with colonies of penguins, albatross, geese, caracaras, imperial cormorants, skuas and night herons for company?

Where else on earth can you walk from the airplane to your lodge that has colonies of penguins at its doorstep? It was a privilege to watch penguins from my windows, listen to them lull me to sleep, hear them when I woke up and watch the sunrise from my very own bed.

When a fellow guest on Pebble Island told me about penguin coins, I was only mildly intrigued, I was more interested in the real things. I met him again at Stanley airport before departure. He asked me if I had obtained any of the penguin coins. He then went to get me five different coins featuring a Gentoo, a Rockhopper, a Magellanic, a Macaroni and a King penguin. A Falklander who witnessed the interaction told me that the man was a secretary of the Falklands. Somehow, I had charmed him. Thank you, sir!

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