M/V Kinfish, Svalbard, Catalina Christensen

A Svalbard Expedition On Board the M/V Kinfish

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Catalina Christensen

06 Nov 2018

NWS client Catalina details her time spent in the frozen north

We boarded the M/V Kinfish very excited to start our Svalbard expedition. From the moment we stepped on board the ship we felt at home. The cabins are small but very comfortable and there are a number of areas, on different levels, to relax and socialize in. We had a lovely reception where information about the journey was given, followed by dinner.
M/V Kinfish, Svalbard, Catalina Christensen
I think we were very lucky, as we saw a total of 12 polar bears! It was really interesting to see different behaviors from the bears. On our first zodiac trip we saw a mother and two cubs eating a reindeer kill. On our last zodiac trip we saw a mother with a cub by the shore. Later on, they moved to higher ground and the cub was breastfed.
Polar bear, Svalbard, Catalina Christensen
Polar bear, Svalbard, Catalina Christensen
Every single day we experienced fantastic wildlife: bears, whales, walruses, seals, foxes, reindeer, and various types of birds.
Seal, Svalbard, Catalina Christensen
Walrus, Svalbard, Catalina Christensen
It is incredible to find such an array of wildlife despite the harsh climate. I think we were so fortunate to be able to experience all these animals in their natural habitat.
Arctic fox, Svalbard, Catalina Christensen
Reindeer, Svalbard, Catalina Christensen
Nothing prepares you for the beauty and variety of the landscapes we encountered. It is definitely a sublime experience that we found very uplifting and inspiring.
Mountain and glacier, Svalbard, Catalina Christensen
Sailing along Bråswellbreen Glacier in Austfonna, the largest ice cap of Europe was one of the biggest highlights, made even more memorable because of having our first polar plunge here.
Waterfall, Svalbard, Catalina Christensen
The fact that Kinfish is a small vessel with only 12 guests allows the crew to lower the zodiacs at very short notice, maximising the possibilities to see wildlife and historical sites. We had two (sometimes three) zodiac trips a day, bringing us to amazing islands for great walks and getting us close to wildlife and glaciers.
NWS clients in Svalbard, Catalina Christensen
The crew and guides were absolutely fantastic! They are the ones responsible for creating such an amazing expedition. There was a respect and camaraderie among them that all the guests enjoyed. There is an open bridge policy that the whole family took great advantage of; Søren and Alex even learnt to pilot the ship. We had two excellent and experienced guides who complemented each other perfectly.
Zodiac excursion, Svalbard, Catalina Christensen
Everything was possible; not only did they bring us to amazing locations and gave very good talks about the wildlife, the geology of Svalbard and information about survival in Arctic waters, but they also received us with treats after zodiac trips, let us climb the mast, organised a cooking class and a fishing competition and even a second ice plunge on my request.
Mountain and coastline, Svalbard, Catalina Christensen
It has been an awe-inspiring trip with memories we will treasure forever! Until next time!


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