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Megan Seltzer

30 Jun 2022

The last day of June brings closure to a month of excitement for the start of our Summer season. Tales of adventure and extraordinary encounters have been shared alongside the accomplishments the team has achieved sending our clients on trips that have surpassed their expectations. 

After several years where travel has been disrupted, we're proud of the journeys we've curated and the magical moments which have been made as a result. 

This piece serves as a reminder of the NWS team's hard work this past month, a destination for all of our trip highlights in June, and a taster of what is to come for July.



Our Svalbard season has so far marked an incredible beginning to a year precedented by fantastic wildlife encounters and the formation of life-long friendships. Each time the M/V Kingfish sails into the port at Longyearbyen, we are reminded of the joy that these safaris bring and the opportunity of delight that is only formed from a trip to the top of the world. 

From Beluga whales to mighty walrus, from tiny snowflakes resting on coats to mighty glaciers calving in the stark whiteness of snowstorms, Svalbard is a destination of stories new and old, and a place proven this June to be full of polar bears!

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We saw two of our team, Kathryn and Chloe, visit Svalbard aboard M/V Kinfish, each experiencing a fantastic trip. 

"My standout moment of the trip had to be seeing my first polar bear - a moment I will never forget!" - Kathryn, Product Assistant.

"Paddle boarding for the first time in the arctic was stand out for me, especially next to a massive glacier! A huge chunk actually fell off the glacier whilst we were on the boards and the noise was something out of the ice age - something I will never forget for sure. And, of course, that first polar bear!" Chloe, Operations Assistant.

10May 4 Benhardman
9May 6 Benhardman

Our clients travelling to the snowy slopes of Svalbard also left in amazement of the other-worldly scenes from the top of the world. The midnight sun proved fascinating alongside the sightings of polar bears, reindeer, walrus, arctic fox, minke whales, seals, and a whole range of unique bird species.

"This trip exceeded even the highest of expectations. First and foremost, we had two incredible expedition leaders: Hadleigh and Mats made the trip enjoyable and educational with stories accumulated over decades of experience. Their hours and hours of dedicated scouting from behind binoculars paid off with great wildlife sightings. A particular highlight for me was sitting in a scree below a massive nesting sight of little auks, watching thousands of them take off at once and fly over us. It was a magical moment that I will probably never experience again, and I am very grateful to Hadleigh for taking us to this specific spot. We also have to give a shoutout to the wonderful crew of the MS Polarfront - every single member of the crew made our trip an absolute joy, with smiles and laughter all day long (and the midnight sun ensured that the days were long!). As nature and wildlife lovers, we are always looking for travel opportunities to wild places. After this experience we are convinced that NWS is the expedition specialist to work with for more exclusive, difficult to reach areas of the world. The whole experience with NWS was flawless and stress free. It was truly unforgettable - thank you NWS!"

– Nadia D. 


Tanzania & Kenya

We were delighted to have our group Tanzania & Kenya: Serengeti & Mara Adventure Safari experience a successful trip with brilliant wildlife encounters. 

Sightings included zebra, lions with cubs, elephants, buffalo giraffe, cheetah, hyena, and of course the tree-dwelling lions in Tanzania!

Kenya Cheetah C Will Bolsover
Tanzania Serengeti Lion Cubs Playing Fallen Tree Heather Garcia


We were excited to announce a collaboration with wildlife photographer and big cat specialist, Steve Winter, with both an exclusive print shop and podcast episode! 

Steve Winter has been a photographer for National Geographic for over two decades, and has been named BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year and BBC Wildlife Photojournalist of the Year. Growing up in rural Indiana, he was given his first camera by his father on his seventh birthday, and in 1991 he realized his ambition of becoming a photojournalist for National Geographic. 

To celebrate Steve's incredible work, we are delighted to share with you the exclusive opportunity to buy prints from his stunning collections. These images are not for sale anywhere else, and 50% of the funds raised will go towards conservation projects. 

Click the link  to discover Steve's prints: Prints - Naked Eye Studios 

Episode 6 of The Naked Eye Studios podcast fulfilled an in-depth conversation with Steve and Sharon Guynup, an award-winning journalist and editor covering wildlife, climate change, conservation, and more, writing for titles such as National Geographic, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. Together they have done in-depth investigations into wildlife crime, including an exposé on tiger trafficking and how captive tigers in the U.S. outnumber those in the wild, and the issues surrounding this. They spent time with individuals covered by the Netflix series Tiger King, detailing in-depth the issues surrounding the tiger entertainment industry. 

Steve and Sharon talked extensively about their investigative work in this area, and their groundbreaking "The Tigers Next Door' feature on NatGeo which highlighted the need for awareness of the 5,000 to 10,000 tigers living in cages in the United States—more than remain in the wild in Asia. With most living in roadside zoos, many individuals also keep tigers as pets, as the United States has no federal law regulating big cat ownership. 

Click the link to listen to episode 6 with Steve Winter: Podcast - Naked Eye Studios


US COVID Testing requirements dropped

On June 10th we were thrilled to hear that international travel just got a whole lot easier. 

The United States no longer requires a pre-departure COVID-19 test to enter the country. This news was fantastic to hear and means clients from around the world, especially the US can travel more freely and with less hassle!

Skype Picture 2022 06 30T15 14 26 854Z

Overall, June has been an excellent month with many incredible encounters and experiences. We are already halfway through the year and already have much anticipation after the success so far for what our future trips have in store! 

Stay tuned for more and don't forget to follow our Instagram account for more trip updates and last-minute spaces!

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