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Travelling in the Low Season

Natural World Safaris

Natural World Safaris

26 Jul 2021

Travelling in the Low Season

Destinations traditionally have a peak season and low season for travel and most visitors will be keen to choose the best time to go, either for better weather or easier wildlife sightings. These traditional peaks don't however mean that what is viewed as low season isn't a viable — or even good time to visit. While low season in some destinations is best avoided as it means you may encounter monsoons or hurricanes, for much of Africa it may just mean the wildlife is harder to spot in the abundance of new foliage and tall grasses. However, there are often advantages to travelling in what has been commonly coined as the 'green season' opposed to low season.

Better Prices

To help spread demand more evenly throughout the year you'll often find lower accommodation rates as well as long stay specials at some camps in the green season, making it a great time for an extended visit.

Family safari, Kenya

No Single Supplements

With less demand we are sometimes able to arrange tailor-made trips for single travellers during green season without the requirement to pay single supplements. Groups travellers can also benefit too as there are often promotions for discounted or even free rates for children when travelling with their parents, making it a good season for families looking to head out on safari.

Fewer Crowds

During the low season, there are less crowds in reserves and national parks. This means you often get sightings just to yourself, without having to comprise for others and fewer vehicles around and see some absolutely magnificent sights that others may not. There may also be more of a choice as to where to visit whilst on game drives. 

Nws Tanzania Photography Safari

Longer Days

In most low-season destinations, the days are longer. For avid photographers, the longer daylight is great for photography, with the opportunity to capture greater images, especially with the sharper colours in the landscape and clearer air throughout.

Everything is Green

Green season is an extraordinary time to be in the bush as the rains turn everything emerald green. This is when the landscapes really come to life offering lush green plains with dramatic skies. In places like Namibia, you may have a few hours of rainfall but this brings with it the opportunity to see desert flowers and spectacular rainbows.

Baby grazers, Kenya

Game and Predators

A lot of plains game species have their young in green season, which makes for lovely sights and is one of the highlights of the green season. Around this time foals, calves and cubs are all venturing out from their dens to explore the new world. Although they may be harder to see in the greener landscape, our expert guides will help you spot them. However, whilst it is the perfect time for babies, it is also a time where predators are at their peak as they pick off the weakest. You may be able to witness some true circle of life action, a great plus for big cat fans looking to capture the acition.

Warmer Mornings

Safaris in Southern Africa are much warmer in the mornings during green season. If you can't bear the cold that is prevalent in the early morning drives during peak season, this is an ideal time to visit South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Children on Safari in Botswana

Want to travel in the low season?

If you'd like to talk about travelling in the low season, speak to one of our Destination Specialists.

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