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Natural World Safaris

16 Apr 2021

The Call of the White

"Men wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Honor and recognition in case of success."  — Ernest Shackleton

Humans have long held an obsession with the polar regions; vast untamed wild spaces calling explorers into its whiteness where they were pushed to the limit  — and sometimes over it. Polar exploration now is, thankfully, both more accessible and comfortable, but remain about the journeys on the very edge of the world, beyond the fringe of humanity. Discover them for yourself.

Arctic Canada Northwest Passage

The NorthWest Passage

An epic journey through the NorthWest Passage, via waterways through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

Journey through the legendary Northwest Passage in the wake of early Arctic explorers. Hike on Devon Island with it's stunning geology, fjords and glacial valleys to explore, and visit Bylot Island, a nesting habitat for over 200,000 birds. Stand in awe of Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Keep watch for iconic Arctic wildlife including musk ox, polar bears, beluga whales, walrus and perhaps narwhal

The NorthWest Passage from £13,895/USD$17,510

Greenland |© Gemma Bradley

Arctic Highlights

Sail from Svalbard to Greenland and Iceland and discover the unspoilt wilderness of these Arctic havens.

Visit parts of the world where few venture. Discover some of the most exciting northern-hemisphere wildlife. Venture off-boat in Zodiacs. Explore a true Arctic Paradise

Longyearbyen to Reykjavik: Arctic Highlights from £5,999/USD$7,560

Russian High Arctic

Franz Josef Land

Journey from Svalbard across the Barents Sea to Franz Josef Land in search of polar bears and bowhead whales.

Be one of only a handful of people to have ever visited the remote Russian High Arctic and navigated the Barents Sea. Go in search of polar bears hunting on the pack ice. Watch out for endangered bowhead whales. Discover the history of polar exploration in this corner of the Arctic.

Franz Josef Land Explorer from £7,995/USD$10,075

Antarctica, Kate Waite

Fly into Antarctica

Save time, and avoid the Drake Passage crossing, by flying to King George Island and exploring the continent by ship.

No Drake Passage crossing, avoiding the roughest seas and saving time travelling to Antarctica. Visit vast penguin colonies. The opportunity to stand on the continent of Antarctica (conditions permitting). Explore ice-filled fjords and cruise among spectacular icebergs.

Antarctica Fly-Cruise Safari from £8,850/USD$11,155

Polar bears, Arctic Canada

The Canadian Arctic

Enjoy an active adventure on the shores of the NorthWest Passage in the Barren Grounds, sea-kayaking, hiking and rafting.

Spectacular wildlife opportunities in both a treeline environment and a High Arctic environment - woolly muskox, polar bears, beluga whales, caribou, wolves and wolverines. Enjoy the landscape and wildlife from the sky with a helicopter safari of Ennadai and its surrounding area. Sightseeing nature in a whole new light: kayaking, hiking, river rafting, all-terrain vehicles and paddle boards. Stay at Arctic Watch, an off the grid basecamp and most northerly fly-in lodge in the world, on the shores of the Northwest Passage. Stay at Arctic Haven on the shores of Ennadai Lake in the Barren Grounds.

Ultimate Arctic Experience from £12,230/USD$15,410

Scott Portelli, Falklands

Sub-Antarctica Adventure

An incredible journey to the far southern reaches of the globe, and home to an abundance of penguins, seals and whales.

The opportunity to explore diverse, remote locations within the southern continent. Conditions permitting, set foot on the continent of Antarctica. A huge array of wildlife including several species of penguin living in vast colonies, whales, seals and other seabirds. Explore old whaling stations and visit the grave of polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. See the incredible landscape of Antarctica, cruising alongside vast icebergs and incredible ice formations.

Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctic Peninsula from £11,950/USD$15,060 

Newborn Polar Bear Cubs Lodge, Arctic Canada

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