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As Remote As It Gets

Natural World Safaris

Natural World Safaris

19 Mar 2021

As Remote As It Gets

Travel to the Earth’s most untouched and remote regions to explore wild landscapes that include tundra, forests, lakes and mountains. These six safaris offer the chance to escape from civilisation and immerse yourself in the wilderness, staying in stylishly crafted camps and lodges with all the creature comforts you need in these seldom-visited locations.

Salmon Run, Alaska

Rich Alaska Peninsula

Remote wilderness camping, world-class wildlife viewing, beachcombing, and volcanoes; perfect for a family adventure.

Spend a week in the Alaska Peninsula, seeing two wildlife icons of Alaska's southwest coast. Hike and camp in Katmai National Park, which boasts some of the highest densities of brown bears in the world, before observing and photographing walrus at Cape Seniavin and Round Island. Here you'll find Alaska's most reliable walrus colony, 500 miles west of Anchorage on the Bering Sea Coast. 


Lion, Zambia

Zambia untouched wildlife

Discover the pristine national parks of Kafue and Liuwa Plain, abundant with wildlife and renowned for large predators. 

Embark on game and night drives in Kafue National Park, as well as enjoying a sunset cruise along the Kafue River, in some of Zambia's most untouched wildernesses. Stay in luxurious lodges within the national parks and learn about the important conservation work of the Zambian Carnivore Programme and big cat conservation organisation Panthera. 

Liuwa Plain and Kafue Safari from £8,075/USD$10,175

Whichaway Camp, Antarctica

Great White Continent

Fly across the Antarctic Circle and photograph the Akta Bay emperor penguin chicks venturing out for the first time.

See Antarctica from the air as you fly across the Antarctic Circle, including an aerial view of the Atka Bay Emperor Penguin Colony, and spend your time exploring the Antarctic continent, including ice tunnels beneath your camp, and frozen waves of ice. Whilst there, enjoy the luxury of Whichaway Camp and the surrounding area with your expert guides. 

Spring Emperor Penguins of Atka Bay from £47,650/USD$60,040

Chada Kavati, Tanzania

Quiet Mahale Mountains

Track the chimpanzees of Mahale and explore the peaceful Katavi National Park, with little-to-no other tourists. 

Stay in the luxurious Greystoke Camp, directly on the beach and backed by jungle as you track habituated chimpanzees at Mahale National Park. Venture to Katavi which is virtually untravelled and rich in incredible African wildlife and experience a night fly-camping. 

Chimps, Big Cats and Game Safari from £8,500/USD$10,710


Madagascar's remote areas

Take in the dramatic and varied landscape of Madagascar, spot lemurs dancing through trees and explore remote lodges. 

Explore the remote lodges of Madagascar, including the ultra-luxury Miavana. Enjoying nature walks, marine activities and tasty cuisine at Anjajavy Lodge. Scenic flight over the dramatic, varied landscape of Madagascar to Anjajavy and enjoy a wave-skimming Miavana heli-transfer over azure seas below.

Luxury Madagascar: Anjajavy, Masoala and Miavana from £14,945/USD$18,830


Want to travel to the untouched areas of the Earth?

If you'd like to explore any of the remote places mentioned above, speak to one of our Destination Specialists to start designing your own remote safari.

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