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highlights and main attractions of KARNATAKA

highlights and main attractions of KARNATAKA

Karnataka, a bustling state with beautiful landscapes and historic structures. Gersoppa (Jog Falls), the second highest plunge waterfall in India, pours in Karnataka and sets a standard of the beauty to be found. From the architecturally stunning Mysore Palace to the Gol Gumbaz of Bijapur, the historic structures of Karnataka are a sight to see for any keen explorer.

Alongside the unimaginable beauty of Karnataka’s land, the wildlife opportunities are diverse within Bandipur National Park and Nagarhole National Park. Within Bandipur there are many different endangered and vulnerable species, including sloth bears, Indian elephants, four-horned antelopes and many more, as well as it being a Tiger Reserve. Nagarhole is also home to many wildlife species including the Bengal tiger, Ussuri dhole, striped hyena and the Indian leopard. Both National Parks, alongside Mudumalai National Park and Wayanad Wildlife Sactuary, are part of the largest protected area in Southern India, Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, spanning around 2,183km2.

Hampi, a temple complex recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, is located within Vijayanagara and is an important religious centre that is home to the Virupaksha Temple and many of other historical monuments.

Mysore and Coorg

Mysore and Coorg

Mysore is the third largest city in Karnataka and home to the infamous Mysore Palace – the official residence of the Woodeyars, rulers of Mysore, and a true wonder for every traveller, especially as Palace puts on an incredible lighting display every Sunday! With its three story stone structure with marble domes, it’s a breathtakingly beautiful indo-saracenic architectural structure with a number of unique rooms.

Coorg is aptly named ‘the Scotland of India’ due to its beautiful rolling hills and vast landscapes – a true nature-lovers dream. As well as the stunning land, Coorg is home to Abbey Falls, a picturesque waterfall of around 70ft with a hanging bridge allowing for indescribable views.

Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary in Coorg is home to rare and endangered birds and is connected to Bisle reserve forest and Kukke Subramanya forest range, meaning there are lots of sightseeing opportunities available.


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