Damaraland & Twyfelfontein

A place of ancient valleys, rocky outcrops & flat-topped mountains, Damaraland's main attraction is the desert-adapted elephant.

Highlights and main attractions of Damaraland & Twyfelfontein

Highlights and main attractions of Damaraland & Twyfelfontein

Demonstrating perfectly the dramatic contrast that draws people to Namibia, Damaraland is a place of barren plains, petrified forests, flat-topped mountains, ancient valleys and rocky outcrops; a wilderness that not only entices with its scenic beauty but also contains desert-adapted wildlife and one of the few places where Africa’s magnificent wildlife can be seen successfully co-existing with rural farms and villages.

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Where is Damaraland?

Location and Activities

Originally inhabited by the Damaras (hence the name), Damaraland was the name given to the north central section of Namibia.

Arguably the main attraction of Damaraland is tracking the rare desert-adapted elephant, and you get a real sense of how powerfully adaptable animals can be when you first witness these dust-blown animals in such a harsh environment, as they usually rely so heavily on bountiful food and water. Black rhino have also survived on communal land without any conservation status here, meaning that Namibia is the only place in the world that this is currently true of. Tracking on foot with one of our expert guides to sight the rhino roam freely in this harsh environment comes highly recommended.

Further south, Twyfelfontein is an important archaeological site and UNESCO World Heritage Site that contains some of the finest examples of Bushman paintings and rock engravings in southern Africa that date back some 10-20,000 years, and this makes it one of the most visited sites in the region. It is also a palaeontologist’s dream, with Jurassic sites located in the area, and some of the unusual rock formations such as the Organ Pipes and Burnt Mountain add to the intriguing landscape. 

Staying in Damaraland is a joy, with Damaraland Camp leading the way with its remote location and authentic tented accommodation set within the Torra Conservancy. From here it is easy to explore the wildlife of the area and being so remote you may decide to spend several days here.

It is one of the least populated parts of the country, located around 90 kilometres inland from the Skeleton Coast, so the sense of wilderness is overwhelming.


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