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From the thrilling struggle of survival on the great savannah plains to the unexpected encounters and secrets of the rainforest, wildlife safari holidays offer us the rare opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the planet’s most revered creatures, as well as contributing to their survival.

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A safari can lead to the most meaningful and unforgettable contact with wild animals conceivable. You’ll be on the trail of the most electrifying experiences in the natural world, journeying deep into some of the planet’s most spectacular landscapes to witness the beguiling behaviour of bears, gorillas and big cats at close quarters.

The day may begin at sunrise, wrapped in canvas in the foliage-draped hills of Rwanda, under thatch with the sound of the Indian Ocean sizzling up the perfect  beach, or anchored in Antarctica within earshot of a vast colony of penguins. After breakfast the anticipation heightens as your guide explains when and where you might be making contact with unique species in the splendour of their own realm.

Then it’s all systems go as you plunge into the Costa Rican jungle on foot in search of a puma prowling through the undergrowth, paddle along the tributaries of Borneo – camera poised for a sighting of a proboscis monkey, swoop over a seal colony on the Skeleton Coast of Namibia, close in on a blue whale through the icy waters of the Arctic, or race across the plains of Kenya in a 4x4 as a cheetah stretches towards top speed in pursuit of an antelope.

Such is the richness of the world’s prime wildlife-viewing destinations that your camera will capture many spectacular images of survival in the wild. In the evening, as the sun melts into the horizon, you’ll review your digitised spoils in reverential tones and raise a glass or three to the power and glory of nature

Please find listed below a selection of wildlife safari holidays. Please note that this is a select few only. Feel free to contact our specialists for your own personalised wildlife safari.

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Michael - Kenya & Tanzania Safari