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Latin America

A world of fascinating civilisations, colourful adventures and captivating wonders, the Latin American countries combine to create a rich tapestry of incredible experiences for the traveller. A journey to this region will take you to superlatives you never knew existed, taking in marvellous variety and unique indigenous cultures as you go. Extremes of altitude, temperature and topography are not hard to find, and it is true that travellers of any type or inclination can find a setting to impress in Latin America, be it mountain, beach, jungle, wetland, waterfall, desert, city or island; it is a place of heady diversity where lost, ancient and new worlds collide.

Wild Americas

Hardly surprising for such a huge destination, there are countless wildlife experiences to enjoy. Perhaps the most famous of these is the huge tract of Amazon rainforest – the largest in the world - that covers multiple countries including Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. This immensely rich habitat is home to monkeys, sloths, macaws, anaconda, giant otters, piranha and more. The enchanted Galapagos Islands in Ecuador are equally infamous for their own unique ecosystems where endemic species like the Galapagos tortoise and red-footed boobies thrive and can be viewed at unparalleled close range. Elsewhere, there are plenty of thrilling encounters from Andean condors in Peru to Jaguars in the Pantanal, right-back whales in Argentina and colourful toucans in the Costa Rican jungle. 

Eclectic Cultures

The cultural make-up of the region is equally diverse as the flora and fauna, with a fantastic array of people and some of the most interesting festivals in the world. In Brazil, Portuguese and African influence and carnival spirit create a unique identity and love for life, whilst indigenous communities and their costumes of explosive colour abound in other countries such as Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala and Bolivia. Argentina and Chile have a distinctly European feel, whereas Belize is creole and British colonial-inspired, completely contrasting the Spanish feel of Mexico, which hosts the exhilarating Day of the Dead. Independence is now celebrated annually in the many countries, but the history and culture of yesteryear is still very much evident today.

Latin Adventures

For those who like a long list of activities on their itinerary, Latin America will not disappoint. Here you can hang-glide over iconic Rio de Janeiro, dive or snorkel in warm Caribbean waters, trek the original Inca Trail to the lost world of Machu Picchu, hike active volcanoes, ski Patagonian terrains, float through the ‘Lost World’ in Venezuela and explore steamy rainforests and wetlands, all in one exciting adventure. With such an array of diverse countries and endless possibilities to design a prefect luxury holiday or honeymoon, we can use our first-hand experiences to perfect a trip for you that will last a lifetime. 

Latin America Destinations

Ushuaia Landscape, Argentina It is little wonder that the world’s eighth largest country and one so geographically vast has such astounding extremes. Argentina holidays have a little bit of everything, from the steamy jungle of the subtropical northwest to the wild, glacial landscapes of Patagonia to the south, via desert canyons,... read more
Cayes & Atolls, Belize With the second largest barrier reef system in the world (number one being the Australian Great Barrier Reef) stretching for 300 kilometres off its coastline, several ancient Mayan ruin sites and swathes of dense rainforest located inland, Belize has huge appeal to travellers looking for excitement and... read more
The Pantanal, Brazil Brazil is undeniably immense, and not only in the geographical sense. The 5th largest country in the world and largest in the continent, she dominates the map of South America, has the largest portion of the Amazon Jungle and River, and an Atlantic coastline spanning a staggering 7,500 kilometres. But what... read more
Rapa Nui (Easter Island) With the Andes running along the length of its landmass like a spine, Chile assumes a ribbon-like appearance on the South America map. A confounding length of 4,000 kilometres against a maximum width of just 180 kilometres has created a varied landscape, where geography and climate in the north is completely... read more
Architecture at San Andres, Colombia Security troubles now a distant memory, Colombia is a wonderfully welcoming and diverse country, now firmly on the map as one of Latin America’s most thrilling and talked about emerging destinations. Its relative infancy on the tourist radar makes it a blissfully authentic place for any visitor and... read more
Costa Rica
Flying Stork in Costa Rica 'Rich coast' by definition and certainly by nature, this rather diminutive country can nonetheless lay claim to a staggering 6 percent of the world’s biodiversity, making it one of the most rewarding destinations for natural world encounters. An extraordinary cocktail of smouldering volcanoes, cloud... read more
Indian in the Highlands, Ecuador Elegant colonial cities, picturesque Andean highlands, Amazonian adventures, vibrant indigenous culture and encounters with some of the world’s most fearless wildlife; Ecuador is a microcosm of Latin America in one temptingly accessible package.  Mainland Adventures and the Galapagos Islands It is... read more
Galapagos Islands
Sea Lions, Galapagos Islands The Galapagos Islands are an ancient archipelago like no other place on earth, achieving an almost mythical status as one of the top natural world destinations on the planet. They are home to an unmatched abundance of wildlife; a place where sea lions frolic on honey-coloured beaches, marine iguanas clumsily... read more
Butterflies, Costa Rica Peru is blessed with more archaeological wonders than any other country in South America, and whilst the most famous of these, Machu Picchu, is usually on people’s wish-lists, the ‘Land of the Incas’ offers so much more to tempt the avid traveller on a holiday to Peru. Straddling the heady... read more
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