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Natural World Safaris started as World Primate Safaris back in 2005, and we still love to share our knowledge of these endearing creatures with some of our favourite holidays being gorilla safaris. For further information please see our Rwanda gorilla safaris or Uganda gorilla safaris.

Below we have further information on the various primate species and where you can see them, including the mountain gorillas and western lowland gorillas in Africa, the orang-utans of Borneo and lemurs of Madagascar. Over the years we have tailored numerous gorilla safarisorang-utan holidays, chimpanzee tracking and Madagasacar holidays to meet the individual requirements of our clients. Tracking the gorillas on a gorilla safari in their natural habitat however is hard to beat, being a truly up close and personal safari experience.

From each safari sold we donate a percentage to the conservation of primates in a destination of choice. For safaris to see the primates in their natural surroundings please contact us for further information or check out our Primate Safari Selector.

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Quick Primate Facts

 There are about 348 primate species in the world

 Chimpanzees and bonobos are more closely genetically related to humans than gorillas

 The term primates covers both simians and prosimians

 A mountain gorilla can be identified by its nose print, similar to a fingerprint to a human

Mountain Gorillas in the Wild

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